Enemas And Gas: Proper Prep For Anal Play

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Dirty Talk Advice ColumnWhat What All About The Butt! Anal is one of the those activities that many seem interested in but are uncertain how to properly tackle. Unlike most other sexual acts, anal takes some preparation and a certain skill set to properly master. Anal prep queries are one of the most commonly questions that I receive as a columnist. Proper posterior preparation is where many people get perplexed. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when having to deal with enemas, gas, and other unpleasant things that are correlated to the butt. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that one bad anal experience can easily lead to a lifelong aversion to the act. And nobody wants that. With some simple steps, anal is easily conquered.

Today we tackle some of the cleaning conundrums that can get in the way of a good back-door session. Once you bring a clean surface to the table, relaxing and fully enjoying anal activity can become significantly easier. And easier anal means everyone wins. Yay winning!
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What Temperature Should Water Be For Enemas?

“Should the water I use for enemas be warm? Or does it not matter?”–Too Hot, Too Cold

Best Temprature for EnemasUnder perfect circumstances, yes. The water used for your enema ideally should be neither too cold (brrrr!) or too hot (ouch!). Preferences in temperature can vary noticeably from person to person. I must admit that I usually don’t take the time to craft a “perfect” temperature but then again I am a little rough on my butt. Some people want to baby it a bit more than I do.

Water that is too cold can cause cramping and water that is too hot is a really bad idea to have inside you. Nobody wants a singed colon wall (I know what I am talking about here. I have burnt my butt by being careless with my shower handle and regretted it for the rest of the night). Ideally you want the water to be about body temperature, around 98-103 degrees Fahrenheit (37-39 Celsius). A good way to test the water temperature is with your wrist. The inside of your wrist is far more sensitive than your hand and will give you a good indication of how comfortably warm the water is. If it feels ok on your wrist, it should feel ok in your ass.

The truth is, I am in no way an enema expert. I just view them as an effective means to an end. I am not too fussy about the temperature (within reason) and as long as I feel fresh and clean, I am all good.

Some people however take their enemas very seriously indeed. For them, enemas are not a means to an end but a sensual activity unto itself. There are books, articles, and classes about how to enema properly and it isn’t just water that is used. I have heard people swear by coffee, milk and even alcohol. (Side note: your anus is delicate and can easily be torn. Please be very cautious with alcohol enemas. Especially when followed with sexual activity. I speak from experience. It wasn’t pretty) If you want to explore the fine art of enemas, more info can be found HERE and HERE. Experiment and find out what works best for you and your body. Every body is different and what one body loves, another can not stand.

Is There A Way To Prevent Having Gas During Anal?

“How can I prevent gas from happening during anal sex?”–No Noise Please

Intestinal GasPrevent? A hundred percent prevent? You can’t. That just isn’t how butts work. Their main job is to pass out waste matter and gas. Humans, being the curious and open minded types that we are, have also allocated butts for sexual pleasure. And what pleasure it is! But the butt’s primary purpose will always be to get things out of it, and if you are trying to put things into it, occasionally you are going to be working at cross purposes.

The way I see it, if someone is going to be freaked out if there is some occasional gas happening, then that person doesn’t get the access anymore. I am a human being, not a Barbie doll. It is my firm view that anyone that can not deal with some occasional gas or something even more…substantial, has NO right to get near a butt in the first place. A butt is going to do what a butt is going to do. If that is too much for you or a potential partner to feel comfortable and okay with, focus on a different sexual experience. There is a whole smörgåsbord out there to choose from.

Of course, there are steps you can take that will lessen the chance of inadvertent gas, but nothing can eliminate it all together. Taking some Beano before a session, not eating foods that trigger gas in you, and paying attention to the peculiarities of your own digestive system can all help. Here is a good guide to help you with easing intestinal gas. Even if you follow all the recommendations, gas can still happen.

Often it is not necessarily flatulence that is occurring during anal sex but the releasing of trapped air. When something is being thrust into you, small amounts of air are forced in as well. Eventually, that air is going to need to exit back out. I’m sure many of you have encountered this with vaginal penetration as well.

The best advice that I can give is to relax and have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Bodies are messy imperfect things and you just have to accept the good with the bad.

If you’re worried about smell or unsightly things being expelled by the release of gas, keep a scented candle and some wet wipes nearby. You can’t ever go wrong with scented candles and wet wipes as far as I am concerned. Just don’t cum so hard that you accidentally knock over the candle. That always ends poorly.

What Is The Best Shower Enema?

“Do you have any recommendations for shower enemas?”–All About The Clean

Shower EnemasI am so glad you asked! Yes I do. Shower enemas are actually my favorite method for cleaning. I tried many different ways to find the perfect clean over the years before discovering the technique that works best for me. Nothing is as effective as shower enemas as far as I am concerned.

My preferred tool is the Shower Shot. It installs right into the head of your shower. Even someone like me, not particularly mechanically inclined, can get it installed in under 5 minutes. They are incredibly easy to use and save you a lot of precious time–time that could be better invested in more…exciting ways.

A word of caution, the shower shot is an extremely effective tool, use a lot less pressure than you think is necessary. That thing could be used to power wash the side of your house if need be. Pay attention to your water pressure and learn from my mistakes. The first time I used it I got too enthusiastic and ended up with cramps and a bloated belly. A little goes a long way.

If you want to cleaning tips, I am going to throw in a link to my favorite cartoon on the subject. It is really valuable information that I am glad is out there. Go forth and get your clean on!


Keep it Kinky My Friends,

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Hi Rain. I’m not going to say what you’ve probably heard a million times or more from first-timers, but to summarize…you’re the best! I wanted to add to the enema topic by saying that I recently ordered and received a “shower enema water nozzle” with 3 changeable heads. I’ve had minimal experience (squeeze bottle and nozzle you insert) with enemas. I attached this item to my shower hose, after removing the hand-held head, and carefully inserted it. It was an interesting feeling, including the feeling of quickly filling up. What a surprise when I expelled the water, and all the… Read more »