Shades of Græy- Ep 009

Shades of GræyThis episode focuses on things between the black and white. Well, black and white get discussed too. Join Chris and Rain for this very ashen podcast as they discuss all things gray…or at least attempt to. Learn the secrets of the darkest thing known on this planet, the mating habits of our favorite colorful footed bird, when people’s sexuality doesn’t fall within narrow confines, and Deadpool’s favorite pizza. Then our special guest Graydancer talks with Rain about the state of educating and consent in the Kink community.

Episode Links:

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Deadpool Pizza 
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Vantablack 2
The Trysexuals Podcast
Blue Footed Booby Study
Kink Acadamy 
Graydancer on Patreon
Rope Craft 
Graydancer’s Rope Cast
Graydancer on Twitter

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