Aftercare Denial, Sub Drop, and Sub Frenzy

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Submission can be an extremely relaxing and rewarding place to hang out in. It also significantly increases your vulnerability. Finding the right person or persons to explore that vulnerability with is crucial for safe play. Kink is much like riding … Continued

What Up Switches!

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When we think of BDSM, we often tend to think of it in fairly black and white terms. Dominant/submissive. Master/slave. Top/bottom. Which, while understandable, does not begin to factor in all of the people that do not fit into one … Continued

Nina Hartley And The Search For Average-Sized Black Caulk- Ep 008

Today Nina Hartley crashes the podcast. Eavesdrop on her conversation with Rain as they discuss the porn industry, jealousy, how to MacGyver pasties, and their mutual love of dick that falls in the center of the bell curve. Episode Links: … Continued

Explaining Erotic Humiliation While Karate Chopping Raccoons- Ep 007

Today Chris and Rain invite Princess Kali to join them on the podcast. We are thrilled by the highly informative explanation around her love of erotic humiliation. If that isn’t enough, we drop other tidbits of knowledge and humor concerning … Continued