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Today I want to talk about something just for the ladies. Guys, you don’t want to be here. Seriously. Shoo. Go away. I am going to be talking about periods and blood and stuff like that. Ok, now that we are all alone ladies, let’s get started. (I am see some of you guys still lurking back there. Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)
Disclaimer: the following article is not meant to be medical advice. All the information in this article is my opinion based on my own experience. If you have any questions about the information presented here please contact a medical professional.

The Model’s Secret Weapon

Have you ever wondered how models, dancers, strippers and porn stars manage to work through their period? After all, the rent still has to be paid and it isn’t like you can get away with not working for one week out of the month…

So what is a girl to do if she wants to have sex, wear a short skirt, feel fresh AND save a ton of money to boot?

They use the makeup sponge trick. And it can work for you too, even if you aren’t a dancer or a model. Yup, makeup sponges are what keeps the modeling industries chugging along. A $3.50 bag of makeup sponges can last you through six months of periods and are much easier on your pocketbook.

Sponges are much better than pads and tampons for a multitude of reasons. The least of which is that you can continue having sex during your period. Pads in particular suck. You are basically sitting on a muggy pool of your own blood. I know that they claim it is “super absorbent” and they “draw everything to the core” but I call bullshit on that. You are moist, clammy, and waddling with this thing wedged between your legs. It isn’t very dignified or sexy. So in an attempt to be more discreet you use tampons instead. Now there is a string dangling between your legs and sex is completely out of the question. Additionally, both can only be used once before you have to throw them away (don’t flush them). All of those tampons and pads from all of those women add up in the landfill.

So How Does The Makeup Sponge Trick Work?

I take a wedge and rinse it, then wring it dry. I have found that round makeup sponges are not nearly as effective or easy to insert, so I stick with the wedges. Then I push down like I am peeing while I insert the sponge inside me. The “pushing” of the muscles causes the vaginal vault to open up a bit and makes insertion easier. Some women use a drop of lube, but I would rather not have lube sitting inside me for 5-6 hours. I am always trying to maintain my pH balance and lube marinating inside for multiple hours is something to be avoided.

Now pull up your panties. You are good to go. You are free to dance, fuck, skydive, whatever floats your boat. I can fuck for hours with a makeup sponge without a drop of blood. Pressed up far enough against the cervix you can’t even tell it is there.

Removing The Sponge.

When you start to feel somewhat “moist”, it is time to refresh the sponge. The hardest part of the sponge trick it getting it back out. I always tell women that a vagina only has one entrance and exit; It’s not going to get lost up there. What I find works best is to insert two fingers and use a “come here” motion. Once you catch the sponge pull/slide it out while pushing down like you are peeing. You can’t pinch it out, the fingers don’t catch, but a pulling motion while pushing the vagina open works for me every time. The first few times you try it, getting it out might take a while. However, the more you do it, the easier it gets. I do the extraction while sitting on the toilet, as some blood can come out.

Once removed, I rinse the sponge in the sink, pat it dry with a tissue, and reinsert. One or 2 sponges will get me through my entire period. Yes, you will see blood and yes, you have to be comfortable and accepting of your body and how it works, but for a lot of women this is a very handy trick. Many people choose to not rinse and reinsert due to infection concerns, and opt to simply throw the sponge away. If you only want to use the sponge once and throw it away, that is certainly an option. They are still cheaper than tampons in the long run.

Are There Risks To Using a Makeup Sponge?

I have had a few people contact me with strong concern for what an unsafe practice this is. Some are concerned about the risk of UTIs. Others seem to think that every woman that tries this will end up in the ER with toxic shock syndrome. Additionally, a woman contacted me to inform me that she tried this trick and ended up with the sponge wedged so deeply she had to go to the ER to get it removed.

As with anything else involving your body, please exercise caution. You do not have to try this trick if you don’t feel safe doing it. I have personally been using the makeup sponge trick for almost a decade without any complications. Additionally, I know literally 100s of women that use this trick and not one of them has mentioned to me developing an infection or becoming hospitalized. I personally feel that the risk of infection is equal to that of a tampon. The risk only becomes higher when you rinse and reuse the sponges. I rinse and reuse because I am trying to have less of an impact on the environment and I like saving money.

It is important to note that I have a rather shallow vaginal vault. I can easily touch the back wall of it with my fingers. Some women have longer vaginal vaults or shorter fingers. There IS a chance you can get a sponge tucked up against the back wall and have difficulty removing it. In this situation, relax as much as possible and push down. If it is really really stuck, have a friend (a good friend) help you remove it.

Are There Any Alternatives To The Makeup Sponge?

Some people have mentioned to me that they don’t want to use makeup sponges because they are not natural and that they prefer sea sponges. I have found that sea sponges don’t work for me because they don’t retain very much fluid and break apart way too easily, but your mileage may vary. You could also use a Diva cup, an Instead cup, or a Moon cup instead of the sponge trick. Lots of women like to use them and even find them preferable to a sponge. I am not sold on them because I find it impossible to have sex with a cup inserted. The dick keeps banging into the cup and it is pretty uncomfortable for all parties. This is only my personal experience, you may have different results.

Now that you know, go forth and sponge! Your wallet, sex life and the planet will thank you.


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Another, even more-landfill-friendly option is a 100% silicone cup (divacup is most widely available brand in the US) … you can boil the fucker. But you can’t have intercourse with it, though it will last you years.

For something intercourse-friendly, the softcup is a viable option, though my better half has less experience with it.


Can he feel it ? and which way of the triangular sponge goes in first?