Lies We Tell Ourselves

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We all have that voice. That nagging negative voice that never shuts up. That voice that keeps telling you how everyone is judging you, that they don’t like you, that they are thinking poorly of you. It can be so bad that simply walking down the street can be a miserable experience. Because certainly everyone is looking at your stupid outfit, your messed up hair and dirty shoes and thinking about what a dumb ugly loser you are.

Let me clue you in on a little secret my friends. No they aren’t.

That is your ego talking. How big is your ego that you think that people are busy thinking about you? That people are taking time out of their busy lives to even bother having you ever cross their mind? People are not judging your hair, outfit or face when you walk down the street because they never even get around to thinking about you in the first place.

Don’t believe me?

Try getting six inches cut off your hair and changing the color. Not even your best friend or husband notices. Ever had someone bemoan the “huge giant Mt. Everest sized zit” on their face that is ruining their entire day? A zit that with a magnifying glass, perfect vision and a finger helpfully pointing to the exact location you can maybe kinda see if you squint really hard? What you think is blindingly obvious about your personage is not even remotely noticeable to others around you.

People are not judging you because they never get around to thinking about you in the first place. And this realization was one of the most liberating realizations I have ever had in my entire life. I am completely free to be me. I do not have to live my life for others. The freedom and relaxation that I get to wallow in due to this revelation is an incredible feeling and I recommend it highly.

Once you realize that nobody is judging you or thinking about you, that the universe that is “You” never even blips across other people’s consciousness, you learn that the voice in your head is lying to you. That negative nagging voice in your head? It is full of shit. Kick it to the curb. The day I learned that voice was a liar was the day I was reborn. It was like struggling to walk in a heavy soaking wet winter coat that I suddenly realized I could take off and feel sunshine on my flesh. And I have been reveling in the sunshine ever since.

Be you. Be the true you. You are free. Nobody is judging you. Nobody is thinking about you. Go out and be the very best you that you can possibly be while you are on this planet. And tell that stupid lying voice in the back of your brain to suck your dick, it is certainly not doing you any favors.


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