For The Love of Cats!- Ep 010

For The Love of Cats!On this episode of Cuddly Kitten Meow Meow Time with Rain DeGrey we talk about all things cat. Learn about why Chris doesn’t not dislike cats, bad songs inspired by cats, and mind control parasites. Then Danarama from the Knotty Boys stops by to talk cats, clothes, and clarinets.

Episode Links:

Cat People Movie
Cat People Song
Polycystic Kidney Disease
Purebred Eugenics
Run The Jewels
Blue Eye Brown Eye
Cat Scratch Fever Infection
Cat Scratch Fever Song
Toxoplasmosis Disease
Toxoplasmosis Makes You Take More Risks
Mollena Williams “Why You Should Pay Me” blog
Danarama Twitter
Creative BDSM
Two Knotty Boys
Harmjoy Band
Citizen Kane

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