The Bible Was My First Sex Toy- Ep 012

Sex in The BibleSlip into something a little more comfortable, turn the lights down low, and get to know The Bible a little more intimately. This is the best of sex in the Bible. Chris and Rain explore the smuttiest snippets of scripture. Learn all about successfully haggling with God, why to pass on the ass and take the offered virgin, drunken incest in caves, and how infant foreskin is good at fending off wrathful deities. Soma Snakeoil also swings by to discuss finding her sexuality through the bible and the importance of community.

Episode Links:

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Us V. Gementera
Shame as social control for college students experiment
Genesis 3
John 3:16 
Sam Harris on atheism 
Stairway To Heaven 8-bit
Story of Lot
Knowing is half the battle
Exodus 4:21-26
Deuteronomy 23:1
Ezekiel 23:1-3
Ezekiel 23:18-20
The Count
The Spirit In The Sky
Soma Snakeoil Instagram
Soma Snakeoil’s website
Soma Snakeoil’s Twitter
The Sidewalk Project

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