Badass Broom Riding Babes- Ep 011

Badass Broom Riding Babes What does broom riding, dildos, marathons, poop eating rodents, Harry Potter, and badass women all have in common? Well look no further than this episode of the Dirty Talk Podcast for the answer to this and a myriad of other deep questions. Rain also interviews Metis Black of Tantus toys fame. This is definitely a podcast to listen to with someone you love, or at the very least a drunk pig.

Episode Links:

Harvey The Rabbit
Pig Porn
Folsom Street Fair
Panda Porn
Ersties Podcast
Ersties Podcast Twitter
Witches and Brooms
Night Shade
Mandrake Root
Jimson Weed
Pointy Hats
Flying Ointment
Witches Anilingus
Devil Went Down To Georgia- Original / Primus Cover
Harry Potter Vibrating Broom
Katharine Switzer
George Sand
Drunk Fish
Naked Mole-Rat Poop Eating
Metis Black Twitter
Tantus Toys
Tantus Sex Ed Blogs
Metis Black Discussing Toxic Toys
Metis Black Interviewed On Sex Out Loud

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