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Fetish Model

It sounds like the dream job doesn’t it? Fancy outfits, getting paid huge amounts of money to lie around being sexy, fans telling you how amazing you are on the regular, flexible hours, travel to exotic locations, who WOULDN’T want to be a fetish model??

Well, except for the fact that fetish modeling isn’t anything like that. Not even close. Done right, it can be a very fun and enjoyable activity, but it is not the path to fame and riches that it might appear to be at first glance. One should do it for the experiences and opportunities, not for the supposed bags of money & adoring fan base.

“How do you become a fetish model?” is one of the most common questions that I get asked by people. Today I will be going over tips, tricks, safety and what you can expect if you decide to give it a try.

The first thing you have to do is decide if you are comfortable with provocative photos of you being online, as those photos will be online forever. It can effect you getting certain jobs in the future, such as teaching or politics and some people will be made so uncomfortable that they will judge you as a person. If you are okay with the potential ramifications that being naked or near naked online can entail then let’s move on to the next step…what *kind* of model do you want to be?

There are dozens of varieties of modeling opportunities out there. Fully clothed, semi nude, full nude, erotic, private photo shoots for collectors, video shoots for companies, cam shows, starting and running your own website, demo modeling for classes and products, full porn shoots, the possibilities are endless and varied. Each type of modeling gig comes with its own type of expectations and requirements. Once you have settled on what type of model you wish to be, you can move forward on actually booking shoots.

The first myth I want to dispel is the myth that modeling pays bucketloads of cash and models are incredibly wealthy. Let’s use math to dispel this one. The average person works 5 days a week at roughly 40 hours. There is no modeling job that is 5 days a week, it is simply not possible to get that many gigs booked regularly. Say you land a shoot that pays $1000. That is amazing, right??! So much money for a single day of shooting! But how many $1000 gigs are you going to get booked in a month? Let’s be generous and say you get TWO in one month! That puts you at $24,000 a year. Before taxes. Modeling pays a lot of money for a short period of actual work, but people with regular jobs make way more money than a model would.

When I was a full time model I did camming, taught classes, did photo shoots, video shoots, full porn, Pro Domming AND did night club performances. All at the same time. And I was still struggling to make ends meet. Don’t ever let that $1000 paycheck distract you from how infrequently the gigs actually come in.

The other thing to be aware of is that most modeling is provocative to some degree and most photographers tend to be male. Having hot mostly naked women strike flattering poses only a few feet from you is why most photographers got into the business, let’s be honest here. The trick is to find a photographer that is professional enough that he can hold the drooling, hard-ons and sexual comments in check while he is working with you.

How does one do that? References, looking at their portfolio, seeing what other models they have worked with before, listening to your gut and paying attention to how they conduct themselves during the email or phone negations. Creepy and unprofessional will out themselves soon, and they will do it every single time. Your gut is going to tell you if something is not right, do not ignore your gut because you are hard up for money. It is when you are desperate to pay your rent that you find yourself in bad situations, situations that your inner voice warned you about but you disregarded because you needed gas for the car. Never disregard that gut feeling over desperation for money.

Once you DO have a gig, make sure at least one or two people know where you are, the address of the shoot location, the photographer’s first and last name, their phone number and how long the shoot is expected to take. Make a point of checking in with your safety call buddy in front of the photographer so that they know that someone is expecting you to be done by a certain time.

Now comes the hard part: booking gigs. Most of modeling isn’t being sexy in front of the camera, it is endless grooming, tanning, dieting, working out, shaving and looking for work. Life becomes a never ending series of job interviews and you most often do not get the job. It is hard to not take it personally, but if you do not develop a thick skin about rejection you will quickly lose your mind.

Social media is your best friend when it comes to finding work. Get a twitter, a model mayhem account, update your Facebook, join modeling groups, find sites you would like to work for and submit applications. Applications can get lost in the shuffle, if you don’t hear back submit 3 or 4 more. What is the worst they can do? Not hire you? Your persistence can pay off. Become your own agent. Hustle yourself, as you are the product that you are hustling. The more that you promote yourself, the more you put yourself out there, the higher your visibility will become and the easier it will be to land work.

You have finally done it! Dodged the creepers that want to put their hands all over you in the name of “erotic art”, got a portfolio that you are proud of and are landing work on the regular. Life is good. There is just one last thing to factor in…fans.

People WILL treat you different. It might be a disdain that you dared to get naked on the internet or it might be an artificial sense of familiarity because they already know what your butthole looks like. You will find that people fully expect to be your best friend…they know what you look like, sound like, act like, they like everything about you, how could you two NOT be best friends??! As far as they are concerned, you are best friends. And then they get offended when you do not act like the best friend  they know you to be. People either want to look down on you or they want to fuck you. Or they want to look down on you while fucking you.

If you can deal with the infrequent gigs, inappropriate photographers and overly familiar fans, modeling is an awesome and empowering job! I did it for years and I loved every single minute of it. Go forth and get your naked kinky self on. Good luck and enjoy 🙂


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