Playing the Hand You Were Dealt

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Unfortunately, Life Isn’t a Game of Five-Card Draw

What are you doing with the time you have been given? The random hand of cards that was just doled out to you at birth and you have no choice but to pick up and play to the very best of your ability? Those cards are a wild hand–who knows what you will find when you pick them up? Depression, talent, intelligence, poor health, great wealth, shitty parents, adversity, a brain and body against you, stunning looks that let you get away with almost anything…

Anything could be contained in those cards. And we have no choice but to play that particular hand. It isn’t like you get to hand them back to the dealer and ask for a do-over.

Exit Innocence and Enter the March of Time

Childhood’s end is the day we realize that we will somehow inevitably die and the shock of that knowledge pulls us from the warm cocoon of invincible youth. The Realization that for all of us, it all ends the same. There are no exceptions. For the rest of our time here, we are fighting a losing battle against a ticking clock.

Eternal ClockSo we begin our slog through this life to the best of our ability. Trying to survive. Trying to make enough money to keep food in our bellies and a roof over our heads. Trying to keep on top of all the myriad and creative ways our bodies are going to fall apart and betray us. Trying to carve out small moments of pleasure.

We seek to fill our empty hours, simultaneously too many and way too few, with things we hope will bring us joy. Marriage. Kids. Working out. Eating. Praying. Fucking. Working. Shopping. Saving money. Drinking. Sleeping. Watching TV. These are all space fillers. Earplugs against that clock that keeps plugging away in the background, relentless and unstoppable.

What are We all Struggling For?

So why are you here? It doesn’t matter what you might cling to. Strict straight edge modest religious fanatic or decadent hedonist getting punch fisted by a train of strangers in some dirty movie bathroom, each is seeking the same end result–Happiness. We are all seeking happiness in some way. Happiness and a comforting cloak against the sound of that relentless ticking, reminding us that every day we wake up with a little bit less time left on the clock.

It doesn’t matter the path you choose to get there. You do you. Find your own particular path. From workout fanatic that lives on broccoli and chicken and hits the gym 7 days a week, to couch potato that puts away a pizza and 4 hours of television a day, both are simply trying to somehow achieve happiness. In their own very different ways. Even if their cards might look different at a glance, inside their head it is the same pit of snakes: fear, anxiety, loneliness, uncertainty, stress, and panic.Snake Pit Find out what works best for you to act as a pacifier against those hissing snakes in your brain and the relentless ticking of that clock.

How to Make Things Easier for All of Us

Just try and not be a dick to others if their path looks markedly different than than yours. We are all just doing the best that we can with the cards we have been dealt. Who am I or you to judge? Know that every other human you run into is dealing with the exact same shit as you, in one way or another.

So be good to each other. That is the whole secret to life. Don’t be an asshole. Think about others sometimes, as the entire world does not revolve around you and your particular needs. Be the most ethical and honest person you can possibly be. Own your shit. Do the best you possibly can. Wake up every day and try and be a better version of you than you were yesterday. Fight the snakes in your head. All that any of us want is just to be happy.


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