Why I accidentally became a porn star

I never meant to have my butthole plastered all over the world. I never meant for millions of people to know exactly what my labia looks like, both inner and outer. I am an accidental porn star. Quite simply, I became a professional naked person because it was the safest way for me to live out my fantasies, to live them out in such a way that I never would of gotten to do if I had remained a civilian, no matter how kinky and perverse and hedonistic that civilian might be.

Don’t believe me? Let me run an example by you. Say it is your fondest desire to experience a gangbang. The idea of being stuffed full of cock in every hole with extra cock available for your greedy little hands is such a turn on you find yourself drooling a little at the mere thought of it. You must, you need, you CRAVE that experience. So you go to set one up.

First the scheduling is a nightmare. Tom is free on Tuesday but there is no way he can do Weds. Jack is ONLY available on Weds. Matt can’t do it this week, but is available next week, when both Tom and Jack are out of town. And then can you guarantee that everyone going to show up STD free? With the papers to prove it? Those tests run up to $250 a pop. Is everyone willing to shell out $250 to get in on that gangbang? And are they even going to be able to perform once they get there? Or is it going to be a forest of limp and flaccid cock and a bunch of guys staring shamefacedly at their toes? And are they going to be reasonably attractive? Or is it going to be a 350 pound guy named Bubba with a hairy back that has not seen the business end of soap in over a week enthusiastically trying to cram his weenie up your butthole?

Wow. That gangbang sounds like a damn nightmare now, doesn’t it? Whereas if I were to do one on film, I know for a fact everyone will show up, everyone will be able to perform, everyone has clean paperwork and is going to easy on the eyes to boot. Being a professional naked person gives me opportunities that I would never in a million years be able to experience otherwise.

In the course of my career I have been suspended upside down on a sybian, lowered into a 10 foot tank of water and cum upside down while attached to a respirator. I have been crucified on the side of a mountain and flogged with stinging nettles while the sun set majestically in front of me, covering my oiled body with its last rays. I have had my head completely buried under ground, with only my body and ass exposed, pinned down with stakes, as a man dressed like a giant raven molested me.

None of these incredible experiences would of likely been available to be if I had not chosen to step in front of a camera. You need a crew of multiple people and planning and equipment and knowledge to pull off stunts like that. I am a professional stunt person. I just do all of my stunts naked.

In porn, every single day is Halloween. You get to play dress up, look amazing in the hair and makeup provided, be in the coolest and most unusual situations, fool around with the hottest people and have the best sex on the planet. In the SAFEST of all possible circumstances. These people are professionals.

You can see after experiences like this going to my local dungeon or swingers club where Sir Lord McFloggypants or Studs McGee tried to impress me with the size of their flogger or dick would do diddlysquat for me.

I don’t regret a minute of it, It has been the wildest, most exciting ride of my life. My only regret is that I did not start on this particular path of perversion sooner.

Keep it kinky my friends!

IF I hadn’t had the courage to set in front of a camera, it is highly unlikely I would of been able to experience any of these amazing things.

My head buried underground in "The Dig" for Hogtied

My head buried underground in “The Dig” for Hogtied